Since 1923 – over a century ago – the Building Industry Association of Southern California (BIASC) has been a champion for its members, marking over 100 years of successful advocacy for greater homeownership in Southern California. Our legacy also includes a century of educational programs and networking opportunities that have supported the professional growth of our members. Representing more than 1,300 members ranging from small builders in Southern California to large developers, BIASC is dedicated to fostering a vibrant community that drives economic growth and innovation in the building industry.

Our members are at the heart of our mission. We provide a powerful voice in the public policy arena, helping members navigate California’s challenging regulatory environment to continue building and developing successfully. BIASC is not just about advocacy; we are also committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and compliance, ensuring all our activities uphold legal and ethical norms.

In addition to building industry advocacy, BIASC offers extensive resources and support to enhance the operational success of our members. This includes access to cutting-edge industry knowledge, educational programs, and networking events that are designed to keep our members informed and connected within the industry.

As we look to the future, BIASC remains committed to advancing the interests of our members and the broader community. We continue to explore new, creative ways to serve the needs of the unserved and under-served segments of our industry, reinforcing our commitment to diversity and inclusion. Whether you are deeply established in the industry or just starting out, BIASC provides the tools and community needed to succeed.

Join us as we continue to advocate for building better communities and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the building industry. Together, we can shape a more prosperous future for Southern California and beyond.