SoCalGas® Introduces New, Energy Efficient New Homes Program (EENH Program)

Designed to make it easy for builders, generous rebates are now available to builders on single-family and multi-family new homes who equip their projects with qualifying natural gas appliances and controller device.  EENH was officially launched on August 13, 2018 and it’s easy for builders to participate.  EENH is a streamlined rebate program for new construction projects that rewards projects that bundle gas measures.  Builder projects participate by including three qualifying measures; 1) gas tankless water heating, 2) gas space heating, and 3) a smart thermostat.  A cash rebate is available for each category.

Two tiers of rebate are offered based on the energy efficiency of the installed appliance, with higher-efficiency models receiving a larger rebate. For example, Baseline level rebate available for an individual single-family home equipped with the higher-efficiency appliance models is $475.  Bonus rebates are also added when additional high efficiency gas appliances are installed (washer, dryer, pool heater etc).  With added bonus rebates your single-family home incentives may exceed $1,450 per unit.  Plus, installing energy-efficient natural gas appliances in your residential new construction project helps make the homes more appealing to customers.

Let SoCalGas help you turn your blueprints into green prints.  Contact your SoCalGas new construction representative today to enroll all your current and future projects.  Energy Efficient New Homes Program (EENH) information and application are available at: Energy Efficient New Homes Program (EENH).  Or, send the SoCalGas team an email message to:

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